The Ethical Goods Team Expands

Due to the positive trajectory of our busy consultancy, Ethical Goods continues to expand. As such we are delighted to introduce a new team member into the family…

Meet Angus Bruce, Ethical Good’s new Philanthropy Consultant who will be heading up an outreach program to Charitable Trusts and Foundations discussing the numerous and proven benefits of the platform.

For more than 35 years, Angus has been involved in various charitable work, both at Trustee level and as a foot soldier, getting stuck in with the day-to-day workings of many different causes. More recently he has carried out a number of project work around business planning and strategic thinking on behalf of the Cranfield Trust, a pro-bono consultancy aimed at servicing the 3rd Sector.

Angus can’t wait to start the conversation and help the philanthropic community grow and achieve their strategic aims.

If you work for a Charitable Trust or Foundation and are interested in hearing from Angus on how can help your funds to reach the charitable projects that meet your objectives, drop him a line on:

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