Supporting isolated older people across the UK

Ethical goods has been working closely with our charity partners, Re-engage, to deliver some amazing corporate partnerships and exciting new campaigns. Our team has also helped with the marketing of a vital rebrand, from ‘Contact the Elderly’ to ‘Re-engage’. They found that people didn’t want to use the word ‘elderly’ when discussing the charity, so the rebrand was an important strategic move which served to increase their brand recognition and has had a huge impact on both companies and consumers willingness to align with them. 

During Christmas 2019, Re-engage benefited from an exciting new partnership with Passion Animation (a leading animation production company) and Izzy Burton (illustrator and director) to present an amazing, heart-warming short film, which you can watch here.

This video helped promote Re-engages Community Christmas project which featured 602 registered events. This project involves promoting and providing events across the UK for lonely older people to attend over the Christmas period, so that they are not alone at Christmas, unless they want to be.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, Re-engage are now adapting from running their wonderful group tea parties, to instead run a Call Companion service in partnership PG Tips, allowing them to keep the increasing number of lonely older people connected throughout these difficult times. The PG Tips partnership was initiated by our team and has proven beneficial to both brands through the shared media coverage obtained by the associated campaign. The new Call Companion service has enabled the charity to support people they haven’t been able to reach before and due to its great success, it will continue to run along side their usual tea parties when things re-open further.

To find out more information on the great work they are doing and how you can help, please visit:

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