The Only Way Is Ethics

Corporate Responsibility is not only Ethically Good but good for business!

If you think ethics is a place to the east of London you may want to stop reading now. But, if you have been disturbed by what we read about our banks, our members of parliament, and the newspapers (to name just a few!), whether you deem it pure incompetence, or unethical conduct, then read on.

Here at Ethical Goods, we believe that at the heart of many businesses, especially SMEs, are leaders who want to do the right thing. At Ethical Goods we turn your personal and company values into financial value. A corporate culture in which the integrity of the culture is clear to those inside and outside the organisation is good for business. It attracts new business, new customers and talented staff.

So, how do you develop and then promote the ethics of your company?

Ethical Goods are pleased to announce that we have built within our team a CSR Specialist to help you understand your business, make CSR policy and reporting easy, and assess the scorecard requirements of your B2b and B2c customers to help win that all important contract.

Call us on 0845 643 6412 or email us now for details of how we can deliver a CSR policy you and your team can be proud of and support your business growth

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