Ensuring Corporate Philanthropy Partnerships Work

In an article for ‘Charities Management Magazine‘ this month, our MD Duncan Parker gives some insight into how to form and sustain effective partnerships between business and charities.

“DUNCAN PARKER, managing director of agency ETHICAL GOODS, emphasises the requirement for careful thought beforehand and then disciplined commitment throughout by both corporates and charities if partnerships are to be successful.

A McKinsey global survey on “The state of corporate philanthropy” (2007) established that the majority of CEOs surveyed agreed that generating high returns for investors should be accompanied by broader contributions to the public good. This demonstrates that the global business community has embraced the idea that it plays a wider role in society.

Increasingly businesses are publically scrutinised and investigated for unethical behaviour, as seen recently with banks and newspapers, and they are turning to charities to help them repair public relationships and build positive reputations.

Businesses recognise that they can build stronger relationships with their stakeholders through charitable alliances and cause related marketing, which can lead to their business realising bigger profits. Businesses want to demonstrate… READ MORE

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