Benefit from Match Funding using Crowdfunder

pot of gold has a fantastic extra funding scheme which can serve to vastly increase the funds received by eligible projects by matching funds the project has already raised. Often this gives them the last chunk of money that they need to start, grow or protect their organisation which can be the difference between ‘make’ or ‘break’, especially in these uncertain times. 

So what is match funding?

Crowdfunder’s various partners (e.g. Corporates and Councils) provide pots of funding which is then distributed to eligible projects on the platform.

Could your organisation benefit from it?

If you decide to run a campaign on Crowdfunder, you could be eligible for extra funding depending on the region you are based in and the reason behind your campaign. For example, if you are benefiting the local community, encouraging physical activeness or just a small business struggling to survive, there are currently pots of money available for projects in certain regions. A great example that really shows the difference that match funding can make is Save Living Under One Sun which has received £24,450 from three different extra funding pots! 

Small London Businesses:

The Mayor of London’s Back to Business fund is a pot of one million pounds which provides up to £5,000 in match funding to support small and independent businesses in London with the impact of Covid-19. Some of the aims of the fund are to provide a budget to put in place social distancing measures, as well as investing in the future through online expansion. 

Bring your own:

Crowdfunders platform can also allow you to leverage fundraising using an existing trust or corporate backer which you already have onboard. For example, the Octagon Theatre project is being supported by Oglesby Charitable Trust who have pledged a total of £5,000 on the project. Another amazing project that used this feature to bring external match-funding to the platform was the Breaking Boundaries Campaign which works to clear landmines from rural Zimbabwe to enable safe paths for children to get to school and cattle to graze in. The project by the HALO Trust received match-funding by UK aid on all public funds raised.

With so much up for grabs, check out Crowdfunder’s match funding page today to find out if you could be eligible. If you would like to seize this opportunity and start a campaign on Crowdfunder, please get in touch with us for free, expert support.