2020: The Rise & Rise of Charities Using Crowdfunder.co.uk

 In March, when the UK entered the first lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19, opportunities for Charities to fundraise in traditional ways were severely impacted. Charity shops shut and face to face campaigns promptly ended, leaving Charities in a position where they had to rapidly adapt to the change in fundraising environment. Fortunately, Crowdfunder.co.uk with their free coaching offering, 0% platform fees and host of beneficial product features, provided charities with the perfect digital fundraising solution. 

Ethical Goods, operating as Crowdfunders Charity Team, worked directly with hundreds of charities during the initial lockdown to coach them on how to benefit from the various features on the Crowdfunder platform. The topics covered included; leveraging match funding, incentivising giving via rewards, encouraging individual fundraiser activities, promoting online events and onboarding charities onto a brand new Charity product where all the Gift Aid is processed by Charities Trust, at no charge to the charity.

We would like to shine a light on a few very special Crowdfunder projects:

  • We onboarded National Emergencies Trust (NET) who have now raised over £68 million on the platform from 7,108 supporters and 18 fundraisers. This included a range of high profile corporates. Funds have provided vital support to those in need during the pandemic. 
  • To help entertain the masses and raise money for NET, we broke a Guinness World Record for the World’s biggest virtual pub quiz. The event included some of the biggest names in UK comedy, including Russell Howard, Jason Manford, Lucy Beaumont and Marcus Brigstocke. The campaign raised £32k, reached 21 million eyeballs globally and received press coverage by Reuters and the New York Times.
  • With quiz mania ensuing, we encouraged charities to get creative with the use of the Crowdfunder platform. CoppaFeel for example, promoted a series of unique online celebrity quizzes hosted by Carrie Fletcher, Greg James and Perrie Edwards. 
  • We supported The Contemporary Art Society in how to utilise the Crowdfunder rewards feature to great effect. Their artists designed their own exclusive facemasks (before everyone else did) in support of independent artists and museums. They raised over £125k.
David Shrigley Mask
  • What’s more, we also launched a new 0% fundraiser product and encouraged individual fundraisers to begin using it. A great example is the £86k raised from 102 fundraisers for NHS Charities Together.
  • The positive impact didn’t stop with UK charities. We helped those aboard too, for example, this project raised £10k to supply PPE internationally in Malawi.

National Campaigns:

Ethical Goods has also project managed various national campaigns to help bring charitable organisations with similar causes together under one banner. A strategy that enables the sharing of central marketing and coaching resources, increases PR buzz, awareness, page traffic and therefore donations for those involved.

  • In response to the brutal killing of George Floyd, we created a Black Lives Matter campaign that raised over 171k for black-led organisations striving for change. A key project within this was Black Thrive who raised over £43k to provide free and affordable, culturally appropriate, mental health support to Black people affected by institutional violence and racism.
  •  #SaveOurTheatres so far has raised over £1.4 million for 60 individual theatres across the UK! The success of the Octagon Theatre was used to launch the national campaign in conjunction with a partnership with Theatres Trust. Countless A-list celebrities from Jude Law to Jack Dee got involved and a huge amount of local PR was created.
  • #SaveOurBrassBands has raised over £110k for 72 brass bands across the UK. With the support of celebrity ambassador, Melanie Sykes, the campaign has garnered significant press coverage, particularly on local BBC radio stations and seen 2,400 supporters donate so far. 
  • It’s not right that anyone goes hungry at any time of year, let alone Christmas, so we also partnered with cornerstone charities, The Trussell Trust, FareShare and Oasis to launch a national campaign to help fight food poverty and support the #14MillionPeople struggling to afford to eat. 72 food banks and charities joined with a combined raise of just under a million pounds from over 10,200 supporters. The news of the campaign was picked up and published by industry leader Third Sector.
  • Footballing legend and food poverty activist, Marcus Rashford (MBE) kindly showed his support of the campaign by providing two pairs of his exclusive football boots as prizes in a unique Crowdfunder prize draw

Charity Sector invites Ethical Goods to bring Crowdfunder to live:

With significantly more charities successfully utilising Crowdfunding in 2020, the sector invited us to several prominent industry events to discuss the topic further. 

  • In late November, Duncan Parker, Managing Director at Ethical Goods, attended a speaker slot at the Individual Giving Conference, run by the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. It was an honour to be the only fundraising platform to be invited to this prestigious event. 
  • Later, in mid December, Duncan Parker and Thea Partridge (Communications Director) were invited to round off the year by hosting a interview panel session called The Rise and Rise of Crowdfunding on the online Third Sector Forum. We invited three charities to attend to highlight their experience of using the Crowdfunder platform and how they benefited from the various product features available. The session was well received with over 50 charity attendees and many more downloading the session afterwards.

With all this crammed into 2020, we’re left wondering what 2021 could possibly hold… 

Do get in touch if you’d like more details on anything covered in this article: Thea.Partridge@Ethical-Goods.com