Guiding REDBOX through the CSR journey


REDBOX have been providing ethical and sustainable interiors, office supplies and print solutions to our partners for over 30 years.  The REDBOX Group’s priorities are; clients, the environment and their people. They genuinely care about making a difference and social responsibility is more than just a tick box exercise for them.  Historically though, they have struggled to articulate how passionate and caring the business is and found it difficult to market their message without being seen as taking advantage of those in a less fortunate position. 

That’s when Ethical Goods stepped in. We have partnered with REDBOX to guide them through every step of the CSR journey, to model a new culture of philanthropy, to inspire and retain staff and to gain a greater market position for their ethical and sustainable products and services by sharing their ethically good story.

Following an in-depth audit across the entire business, we created a plan for them to become the most ethical and sustainable supplier of products and services within the industry. They truly embraced this five-point plan and it has enabled them to connect the company’s social responsibility to their people, stakeholders, supply chain and the natural environment. 

Since we began our partnership with REDBOX, we are pleased to say that they are now a local Real Living Wage employer, they run their offices off 100% renewable energy, every company meeting is now carbon free, due to their fruit tree planting initiative.

REDBOX GROUP staff have volunteered over 220 hours in 2019 and have raised £12,294 for causes close to their hearts. In addition to providing their non-for-profit services to a local charity, they also donated the equivalent of 62% of the company’s profits to charitable causes.

What’s more, all the distribution and warehouse sites are Zero waste to landfill, all the packaging and infill is now 100% recycled, 50% of the delivery fleet operates off renewable energy, the other 50% is Euro 6 compliant, with a commitment to 100% electric by March 2022. Also, by 2022 they will be committed to having zero single use plastics in our warehouse and distribution facilities.

Now they are aiming to become certified as a BCorp, to join a select group of businesses who share our aspirations to balance purpose and profit. Once certified, they will be legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their valued workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. They are already seeing the positive effects of working towards this highly regarded status – in fact they won their “biggest ever contract as a result of all the changes made! Interestingly, the buyer didn’t care but the organisation he works for did and that’s what won the business.”

“Ethical goods provide us with much more than consultancy, they have become part of our business and are continuing to support, guide and advise, far beyond what was ever expected. I’m thankful to Ethical Goods for having supported our business through such significant change for the force of social good.” – Matt Letley, Sales and Marketing Director at REDBOX.

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