Ethical Goods implements new organisational direction for Fredericks Foundation

Fredericks Foundation’s mission is to provide access to finance through revenue share agreements to Social Enterprises who have a positive impact on creating jobs, creating a better society and impact positively on our environment.

We are so grateful to the team at Ethical Goods who systematically confronted the issues facing the Foundation. Firstly, they conducted a review of the whole organisation and reported back to the Trustees. Then a number of programmes were implemented which included streamlining the workforce, reducing defaults and introducing a performance management culture and KPI’s.  Throughout the period that Ethical Goods acted in a CEO role for Frederick’s Foundation, they also managed a process of getting hold of our contracts and installed management reporting that helped Trustees be assured of good Governance.

Paul Barry-Walsh, the Chairman of Frederick’s Foundation declared that:

Ethical Goods leaves the Foundation in a very much better position than they found it. In the last year, thanks largely to their efforts, not only have we been able to repay all our social impact investors, but we go into this year with a good six figure surplus. Furthermore, their strategic guidance has left us with an innovative funding model and a sustainable future.

The team at EG carried out the work with the utmost integrity, always doing the best thing for our Charity, (as witnessed by offering to terminate their contract when our charity finances where particularly tight and their last plan to the Trustees involved cutting out the need for their role). In truth we were lucky to have them.

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