Enterprise-Led Development and Impact Investing

Ethical goods is the lead Partner for the Angello Foundation. A group of multi skilled consultants who share a similar passion for enterprise led development as a solution to inequality and poverty.

Bringing together a varied skill set but similar experience and passion, we help INGOs, impact investors and social enterprises to think through their project strategies, to develop their operations and to enhance their funding mechanisms, thus enabling them to flourish and reach their full potential. You can read about our dedicated team here

Though early in its development, international NGO activity in
impact investing is larger than traditionally reported,
and its growing >$540m! International NGO’s are focused on delivering their missions better through the exploration and implementing of impact investing solutions across a wide range of geographies, program areas, and return expectations. With their unique global capabilities and program expertise, international NGOs are playing multiple roles in the overall impact investing ecosystem.

International NGOs are approaching impact investing with a long-term view, focused on developing new capabilities and engaging with existing and new partners to deliver their mission results and establish their essential presence in the impact investing ecosystem. INGOs are actively addressing stakeholder communications, exploring legal options and requirements, identifying options for deal and resource flows, and creating new partnerships across the ecosystem of impact investing.

The Angello Foundation share the core belief that to attain the results we desire, ‘business for good’ and ‘business for transformation’ must be an integral part of an INGOs programme. We believe this is vital in achieving the results desperately needed within the sustainable development goals laid out by the U.N.

Please contact duncan.parker@ethical-goods.com to find out how the Angello Foundation can help your organisation with enterprise-led development and impact investing.

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