St Christopher’s

St Christopher's

St Christopher’s Fellowship are a charity who create brighter futures for young people and children in care. They are a leading provider of children’s services and as such, they are predominately funded by local authorities. They enlisted Ethical Goods to help them to raise their profile with corporates to obtain additional funds that would enable them to care for even more young people as they move into their 150th year.

They were at the start of their marketing and fundraising journey, and as you ‘can’t fundraise with the lights off’, our first task was to raise their profile locally, and with relevant corporate networks. We attend networking events and relevant trade shows to build a crowd of corporate supporters for the charity. This included gathering the support of large banks, local businesses and those whose work or consumer base aligns with St Christopher’s cause in some way. During this stage we discovered a businessman who had been cared for by St Christopher’s in his youth, so we nurtured this relationship and he went on to become an ambassador for the charity and to share his amazing story with his clients and potential clients.

We work on the principle that there needs to be around seven touch points with a charity before someone gives to them, so we organised a series of engagement events, where their new crowd and the public could hear the St Christopher’s story from both the charity and those who had received care from them. The events included a corporate Christmas party, stands at local fayres, pitching at corporate networking events, fundraising by local businesses and a radio slot for the CEO of the charity.

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