Oasis UK

Oasis have been pioneering life-transforming housing, healthcare, education and community initiatives across the globe for nearly 30 years. They want to see a just and inclusive world, in which everyone (and they mean everyone) has an equal opportunity to reach their potential. They’re motivated by Christian faith to serve people and transform communities by promoting inclusion and confronting injustice.

Oasis was started by Steve Chalke in 1985 to support the launch of a hostel for homeless people in South London. The homeless hostel became known as No.3 and is still providing care and support for people today. Today Oasis operates in over 50 communities around the world and is one of the UK’s leading Academy sponsors.

Ethical Goods has introduced a number of income-generating opportunities to Oasis and most recently we are working with them on a commercial book idea and a data management tool for their fundraising.

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