Malaria No More

Put simply this charity exists to make malaria no more. They use brave story-telling to inspire the public to rally behind the fight; encourage the UK government to lead the charge and fund innovative, impactful programmes to save lives in Africa.

Since their launch they have secured the support of all the major political parties in the fight against malaria and helped persuade the coalition government to place malaria at the top of its international development agenda. They have also raised funds to invest in malaria control projects in Ghana, Botswana and Namibia which have helped protect over ten million people from malaria. 

Malaria No More affiliates operate in the US, Netherlands and Canada and form part of the global Roll Back Malaria Partnership with over 500 other organisations dedicated to a malaria-free world.

Ethical Goods has and continues to present Malaria No More with funding opportunities and introduce them to businesses for cause marketing partnerships.

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