Guideposts Trust

Guideposts is a UK-based charity working with people in local communities to help them access the support, opportunities and skills they need to overcome social inequalities, improve their wellbeing and change their lives.

Ethical Goods have been brought onto the team to increase their digital presence and fundraising capabilities. Since joining the Guideposts team in November 2020, we have strengthened their case for support in order to help new supporters understand the amazing range of services the charity provides. From a standing start, we launched a ‘Carers at Christmas’ digital fundraising campaign to help fund Guideposts crucial support system for local carers. 

Following this we launched the #GuidepostsGlobalChallenge, a virtual fundraising mission which encourages supporters from across the country to clock up miles to help us collaboratively virtually travel the full distance around the world (21,976 miles!) If you would like to join the challenge, you can find out more information here:

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