Celebrate World Immunisation Week – Help to Give the World A Shot

In support of the work of our client, Crowdfunder, and their partners, Unicef, the Ethical Goods team are delighted to be helping to ‘Give the World a Shot’ this World Immunisation Week. To show our support, we will be changing our company logo on social media for the week to include the iconic plasters from the Unicef and Crowdfunder VaccinAid campaign.

The Background:

Unicef are the official delivery partner of Covax and are currently working on the monumental task of delivering 2 billion vaccines around the world to help fight the spread of Coronavirus.

Spotting an opportunity for a fundraising campaign that might just change the world, we introduced the Unicef team to the Crowdfunder management team and pitched the idea of a partnership to help Unicef to raise vital funds to enable them to continue to carry out their life saving work. And so a new partnership was formed and an impactful campaign blossomed.

The Campaign Manifesto:

The Pandemic hit Britain hard. But we’ve come back punching. And with a third of the nation already vaccinated, we’re beginning to win the fight.

But it can’t stop here. The rest of the world needs our help. And fast. Because we’ll only ever be safe, if we’re all safe.

So, roll up your sleeves (if they’re not already) and play your part in the biggest vaccine drive in history, delivering 2 billion vaccines around the world.

Sure, it’s not going to be easy, but with Unicef, Crowdfunder, and all of us, we can do this together.

Let’s get up, get going, get running, get baking, get thinking of absolutely anything. Or just get donating. That’s the power of Crowdfunding.

So, whether you give time, give energy, give a little or a lot…


Growing Support:

At the time of writing, the campaign had raised over £735,000 and had gathered support from a wide range of organisations / brands, including; the NHS, The Church of England, National Emergencies Trust, Black Global Trust, Deloitte, LSEG, Burberry, Nivea, TTG Media, Mother and Broody.

There’s still a long way to go, both in awareness raising and fundraising. So to become a champion of the campaign or for guidance on updating your company logo in support, please contact hello@vaccinaid.org or you can donate or start a fundraiser here.

Uniting against COVID-19 is key to our way out of the global Pandemic. We’re not safe until we’re all safe, so please show your support today!

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