Crowdfunder logo is the UK’s #1 rewards-based crowdfunding platform, where £100 million+ has been raised by thousands of businesses, social enterprises, charities, community groups, and individuals across the UK. Crowdfunder brought Ethical Goods onboard as their charity outreach arm to initially help charities to create fundraising campaigns using a new charity product called Multiplier. The product enables charities to offer incentives in return for donations, to obtain match funding and to enable fundraisers to create fundraising pages that link to the charity project page. It provides a refreshing way for charities to foster innovation, fundraise digitally and obtain a new crowd of supporters.

The second stage of our work included the launch of a new charity fundraiser product akin to that of Just Giving or Virgin Money, but that is 100% free for charities to use. We initiated a partnership with Charities Trust which enabled over 20,000 charity pages to be added to the Crowdfunder site that fundraisers can use to raise funds for their favourite charity. Our work includes out bounding to fundraisers via event organisers, businesses and charities with a fundraising base, coaching charity projects to use the platform and product development recommendations. We also obtain PR, roll out promotional events and campaigns and introduce corporates and charitable trusts to the match funding features on the platform. The uptake of charities using the platform, particularly in Lockdown, has been huge. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more.

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