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Focus on ethical purpose. Drive growth.

Ethical goods began as a good idea between a charity and a business and has grown to become an impressive consultancy with a large and ever-growing portfolio of charity and corporate clients. In the 11 years since inception, ethical goods has enabled over £150 million in new funding for charitable causes and made immeasurable strategic improvements to the social good being implemented by our corporate clients.

The Early Days:

The idea of ethical goods was birthed by a group of friends following the successful tie up between the company Harrogate Spa and charity Pump Aid. This first concept saw the launch of the Thirsty Planet brand. Thirsty Planet was the genesis product for Ethical Goods and continues to sell well, having produced increased turnover for Harrogate Spa and over £2m for clean water in African nations.

The Here and Now:

Our team deliver the charity function of Crowdfunder.co.uk and since commencing work with them in 2019, have helped hundreds of charitable organisations to raise millions, in new and innovative ways.

In February 2020, we launched a new Crowdfunder fundraising product into the charity sector which has enabled charities to avoid paying costly platform fees, freeing up more budget to be spent where it matters – with their beneficiaries. The new product was put to good use in the first national lockdown when we ran a campaign for National Emergencies Trust through their DoWhatYouCan website, powered by Crowdfunder. It raised £68 million which has been distributed through 40+ Community Foundations supporting those in need across the UK.

To help entertain the masses and raise money for NET, we broke a Guinness World Record for the World’s biggest virtual pub quiz. The event included some of the biggest names in UK comedy, raised £32k and reached 21 million eyeballs globally.

In response to the brutal killing of George Floyd, we created a Black Lives Matter campaign that raised over 171k for black-led organisations striving for change.

We witnessed the impact of Covid-19 on the Arts and responded by setting up a #SaveOurTheatres campaign that has raised over £1.4 million for 60 individual theatres across the UK. We also ran a #SaveOurBrassBands campaign, raising £135k for 72 struggling Brass Bands.

Through partnering with cornerstone charities, The Trussell Trust, FareShare and Oasis, we launched a national campaign to help fight food poverty and support the #14MillionPeople in the UK struggling to afford to eat. 75 food banks and charities joined the campaign with a combined raise of over a million. Footballing legend and food poverty activist, Marcus Rashford (MBE) even kindly showed his support by providing two pairs of his exclusive football boots as prizes in a unique Crowdfunder prize draw

EG also initiated a partnership between PG Tips and their new brand story of Cuppas Taste Better Together and our charity client Re-Engage who end social isolation for older people through peer to peer support groups. The partnership has brought Purpose and stories to PG Tips, brought additional credibility to their brand story and has added a large 5 figure sum to the charities work, as well as a large army of volunteers and supporters.

On the impact investing front, we took over the leadership of the Angello network and the team have supported opportunities to work with SEAF, their longest serving impact investor. We’ve also worked with innovative iNGOs such as Tearfund, Send a Cow, Operation Mobilisation, YFC, Plasticpreneur, Atlantico University and more, to enable purpose and enterprise led businesses to increase their social and environmental impact.

We’ve even supported Redbox to achieve their BCorp status in 2020 too, which has supported their new business drive with a new found Purpose agenda.

The Team:

Ethical Goods generate world changing ideas, then execute them to create a positive impact. We do this by bringing together an A-list team of individual experts in the following fields:

Innovation in Charitable Fundraising: Crowdfunding, incentivised giving, digital fundraising, campaigns, public relations, communications and events management. We are your intrapreneur in residence.

Charity Corporate Partnerships: Getting your Charity fit for a Corporate Relationship, sponsorship, cause marketing and product development.

Ethical Investing: Poverty and inequality alleviation through enterprise-led development, creation of enterprise eco-systems, impact measurement, developing investment propositions and seeking investors.

Social Impact: Maximising impact through every part of a business, instilling a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship and enabling businesses to actively develop solutions to society’s biggest challenges.

Our varied team of experts and trusted partners are on hand to discuss how we can help and support your organisation.

Give us a call on 0845 6436412 or email us: info@ethical-goods.com

Ralph Catto
Ralph Catto Chairman
Duncan Parker
Duncan Parker Managing Director
Thea Partridge
Thea Partridge Marketing & Communications Director
Andrew Barker
Andrew Barker Board Member & Shareholder
Richard Chaplin
Richard Chaplin Commercial & Finance Director
Caroline Forbes
Caroline Forbes Marketing & Comms Director (Interim)
Georgia Breslin
Georgia Breslin Marketing & Communications Executive
Tom Brushwood
Tom Brushwood Digital Marketing Consultant 
Angus Bruce
Angus Bruce Philanthropy Consultant
Rima Patel
Rima Patel Impactful Founder
Almira Lardizabal Hussain
Almira Lardizabal Hussain Impactful Founder
Max Smith
Max Smith Impactful Founder