A digital solution to grant programme administration overload

We came across this interesting article  recently explaining how The Quartet Foundation is being inundated with applications and is struggling to process them all. This is becoming an all too familiar story, particularly as the pandemic continues to fuel an unusually high demand for help in our communities. As a result, funders are increasingly searching to increase the efficiency of their application selection processes and are looking to digital solutions as a possible fix.

The good news is that Crowdfunder have a pot of extra funding sourced from a selection of national and regional partners which, depending on what projects looks to achieve, may be available to help project owners to raise more funds. Crowdfunder are also helping an increasing number of Trusts and Foundations to get right to the issues that matter and fast. This is in part done through a crowd verification process which enables funding partners to easily spot the projects that rise to the top of the pile as they will have received backing from the crowd. (This enables their partners to wave goodbye to the piles of applications mounting up on their desk!)

Here’s what Hannah Sloggett from Plymouth City Council said about using Crowdfunder to reduce their administrative load:  

“Using Crowdfunder to distribute funding has really streamlined the administration that is normally involved in running a grant process. For us it was a way of publicly validating projects alongside councillor’s made decisions.”

We believe that this digital approach is in the process of revolutionising the way in which Charitable Trusts and Foundations operate. To find out more about why so many are making the switch to this digital solution, contact Angus our Philanthropy Consultant for a chat and he’ll walk you through the process.


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